Fashion Inspo (2016)

It is officially 6 days into the New Year, which means, new trends of 2016 are pushing their way into the spot light and pushing 2015 styles into the backseat.

Each year new trends arise and catch the eye of many stylists and designers, one thing for sure: Those trends define the season. Runways that have previewed the 2016 collections have none the less shown us that 2016 styles will once again be bold and outlandish. With Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid leading the pack, we have no doubt that this year will be nothing less than perfection in the fashion industry.

Here is a preview of 4 trends in store for 2016.


Over the years fashion has decided to bring back styles from the 70’s such as high-wasted pants, fringe, suede and many more but we have given this 70’s style a more daring, bold and sexy look. This year it is Tie-Dye’s turn.

tie dye

The Cold Shoulder

Prepare to give the cold shoulder this spring. The collarbone just may be the most valuable feature in the spring. Everyone from Givenchy to Wes Gordon to Nisha Shah offered to show a little skin.

off shoulder

 Fringed Hems

Fringe has been in style for quite a few years now so why is it still relevant in the fashion industry? Most fashion designers opted to use fringe on the hems of the outfit.


 Orange is the New Black

For any of you that know me black is my signature color, but for spring 2016 orange is going to be the new black. Orange may be a bold choice but why not stand out and leave your mark. Designers definitely left a mark on the runway.


I am ready to revamp my closet, are you?




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