(Baby), it’s cold outside

As Winter Storm Jonas prepares to hit the East Coast and more than 85 million people (weather.com) descend into chaos, as it always does, there’s only one thing on our minds: Can we still make it to Brunch Sunday?

Er, no. That’s not it! Most of us are running to the grocery store to stock up on non-perishable goods in case this storm is so strong we get stranded without water, electricity and have to live like cave men for a couple of days *most likely not going to happen since weather people always exaggerate*. If you were me I would also be thinking on how I can look cozy while layering up in winter’s coolest offerings.

The key, to keeping warm in LAYERS, lots of them.

Here are my favorite ways to dress this winter:

Layer up – The idea here is to dress in masses of thin layers, as opposed to a few thick ones.


A lot of your summer outfits may come into use at this time. Try a sleeveless jacket + a tight fitted long sleeve turtle neck shirt + black jeans + black ankle booties. The key is to use neutral dark toned colors to get the classy winter look.

Keep those ears warm – The best way to tone up a basic winter look is to accessorize. The beaniebest accessories a person can own are beanies, scarves or even a floppy hat. If you are wearing an all-black outfit just throw on a beanie and you are ready to head outside. You lose 75% of heat through your head, so trap that warmth with a hat.

Those feet are important – Avoid taking a tumble – by leaving your stiletto heels for flat Leopard-Ankle-Boots-Street-Style-1-700x409boots – but make sure they’ve got decent footing on the soles. Want to add a little sassiness to your outfit-leopard booties is a way to go. This may be the perfect way to spice up your 9-5 attire.


Who wants to wear real pants anyways?kanye-west-blasts-jimmy-kimmel-over-comedy-skit1Leather jogging pants? Why not? What’s the problem in wearing sweatpants to a brunch event, none at all…? Upscale jogger pants mean you will be fully put together while reaching for that extra piece of desert and sangria. Style leather jogging pants with a pair of loafers and a blazer. Guys you can also try this look out, Kanye is a fan of it as well.

Athleisure– Fine we’ll say it sporty look. You don’t always have to be put together; you can still look classy while wearing athletic clothes. Grab yourself a pair of the Yeezys, OH wait they are sold out! Grab a pair of your lulu lemon leggings and make yourself comfortable in your corner coffee shop. Nothing screams comfortable more than you sporting an athletic look.

Is it possible to look hot when it’s not?


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