(90’s) Throwback: Choker Edition

Am I having a Déjà vu or did we just travel back in time to the 90’s? By now you’ve seen this trend gaining traction right and left, either thru Instagram, your favorite model, and the kid that lives next door: children of the 90’s, celebrate — the choker is making a comeback.

As a 90’s baby I can tell you that the Tattoo Choker was a classic accessory that every girl owned and somehow this accessory has gotten huge again. However, this time around it is proving to not have an age limit and any person can rock it. After a few decades the choker has evolved into a more edgy design (think “rock star”), it makes the simplest outfit’s standout in the public. Designers like Ralph Lauren to Balmain to Chanel to DKNY have adapted the choker into their own unique style.

These chic designs can be worn with crop tops, dresses, leather coats and it will make you feel sexy and fun. Just imagine yourself wearing a lace or velour black choker with a white shirt and skinny jeans for a chic but casual quick to go look. Chokers are the best accessory to make a moderate outfit into a standout outfit. They come in all different sizes and designs—from thin chokers to thick chokers, anyone can rock this 90’s trend.

Feeling a little shaky on the trend? See below to see how your favorite stars styled them, and then, let us know if you’re still feeling a little iffy…


Keep it thin and simple for a casual coffee date


The jewelry and statement choker


Style your hair up

hair up

Layer it up for a la bohème vibe



Question is, how many of you have saved your chokers from two decades ago?


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