Roundhouse Kick & Uppercut (WOD)

While many of you are enjoying spring break on some tropical island, I am trying to get my ass back in shape for summer.

IMG_5292Yes, I am very jealous of all you people that are in Miami, Cabo, Cancun, Panama City, blah, blah, blah…. thinking about all these places is not going to make me feel better so instead I am focusing on the 10 weeks I have to get into perfect summer bod shape for the start of summer. *My motivation a weekend in The Hamptons- Memorial Day Weekend*

So, you may ask how am I getting back into shape. I have to say it has not been easy, it is very hard to stay committed to a specific workout schedule especially since I have had either a personal trainer or college trainer make a specific schedule for me ever since I was 16 years old. However, now I am on my own and can’t afford a personal trainer so it all comes down to how motivated I am.

I have been going to New York Sports Club for a couple of months now but to be honest I am bored out of my mind and need a change. I have recently found an outlet for a more hyped workout and I could not love it any more than I do- Kickboxing.


Cardio Kickboxing is a combination of martial arts, aerobics and boxing. Rather than stepping into a boxing ring * which I would probably get killed in*, cardio kickboxing provides me with the challenge of improving just for myself. Like myself, you’re likely to find that kickboxing has an abundant of benefits for both your physical and your mental health. Plus, it is an amazing stress reliever.

Calorie Shavings

A single hour of kickboxing can do your body good, you can burn as many as 450 calories and then some if you add in high intensity exercises in between. If you work out longer or include weights with your workout you are more than likely going to get one hell of a workout in.

Tone your entire body

Woah, it’s a whole body workout. The “kick” in kickboxing works your legs while punching works your upper body muscles. It especially helps tone your arms and builds muscle endurance. Moves like roundhouse kicks work your core muscles, and kickboxing keeps your abdominal muscles constantly engaged. Add on interval drill with free weights or circuit training. All the moves include using your waist which in return will trim your wait and make your back stronger.

 A relaxed mind

Kickboxing is an excellent stress reliever. Mad at something; take your anger out on the punching bag. Like any workout kickboxing can also increases the release of endorphins, which can diminish stress. It lets you work out your frustrations in a safe environment, where you will learn the proper movement techniques. What better way to let go of the day’s frustrations? It can also help you get a better night’s sleep and improve mental clarity and I can vouch for that, I was 30 minutes late to work because I was in such a deep sleep.

Each aspect will work the major muscles of the body. The combination of using the muscles in such a quick manner tones as well as develops your endurance that can speed up the metabolism. It won’t take long to see the benefits of this body transforming workout.


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