Getting Bikini Ready with ReXist360 HIIT

Since the start of the New Year, I had set a New Year’s resolution to workout at least three times a week. To some that doesn’t sound like much but I wanted a realistic goal since I took a long hiatus from working out after I graduated college.

The beginning of the year started of strong but like everyone else I became lazier and lazier as the days got colder and shorter; and before I knew it I had stopped going to the gym for about two months. Complete failure, I know. But as soon as spring rolled around in mid-April I knew I had to get by butt back into shape considering summer was right around the corner and so were the many weekends in the Hamptons.

So I decided to join Class Pass in New York City to try different workouts, I tend to get bored of the same workouts so Class Pass seemed to keep me on my toes. I tried out a couple places starting from the Upper East Side and ending in Hoboken. All the classes were worth the travel time but not worth the price of Class Pass. However one class that stuck with me and I enjoyed very much was ReXist360 HIIT which takes place at a boutique fitness studio called The Movement-Give Back. Move Forward.

ReXist360 HIIT-

ReXist360 HIIT is a 45 minute high energy, high intensity resistance training class using the patented ReXist360 training bands. This strength cardio hybrid class is comprised of six supersets of High/Low exercise blocks for total body conditioning with an intense focus on glutes, thighs and core

I loved taking this class but paying over $100 for class pass just wasn’t worth it so I decided to buy my own resistance bands and do this workout at my local gym for ¼ of the cost.

Here’s a rundown of some of my favorite resistance band exercises

Front Squat
Glute Bridge
Lateral Band Walk
Incline Chest Press
Reverse Crunch

Rock out with the band! Ready,set, streeetch!


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