crushing hard on activewear

Gone are the days when workout clothes were strictly meant to be worn when you workout. Now a days woman want clothes that can be easily transitioned from the gym, to the supermarket, to a coffee bar and there forth. If you are anything like me, your day starts in leggings and ends in leggings; and if I could wear leggings to work I would be the girl that comes into work with the biggest smile…1,2,3 cheeseeee. There is something about athleisure clothing that helps make every woman’s day just a lot easier; can you guess what word I am thinking of? Here’s a hint: It’s the opposite of discomfort…




pinka 5

One might associate the word comfort with looking like a slouch, but no. Active collections have outdone themselves by making a seemingly easy cross over into the world of day and weekend wear.

While there are many brands out there that are trying to break into the athleisure world (it’s actually pretty competitive), here is my tip to you: let go of the brand names like Lulu Lemon, Nike, Athleta….and so on and go for small boutique type firms that do better for the world by supporting real women’s body type, and only use non-retouched photography, like the brand Beyond Yoga which does exactly that.

Every woman wants to have a positive self-image of themselves and Beyond Yoga has accomplished that by not going against what they believe in and not caving into the superficial society.

Check-out this brand that not only brings comfort to one’s busy life but also makes your life a lot more meaningful while being a lazy.

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