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If presented with the opportunity to pick-up my life and move to some tropical island where I can pop a squat on a beach and work remotely for the rest of my life, I would take that deal in about seven seconds or less.


Born and raised in the Tri-State Area (granted I did a 4-year stunt of living in Florida during my high school days) I still very much consider myself a Jersey girl. I have become accustomed to the bipolar weather of the north, one day you wake up and it’s 65 degrees out and the next it’s snowing. Having said that, I have compiled a intensive wardrobe over the years that can fit any type of forecast the world tries to throw at me. I yearn for the day that I can simply wake up and throw on summer chic clothes without having to think twice.

I think we can come to the conclusion that my favorite time of the year is summer.


When summertime does come around at the end of May, I am out finding my staple summer shoe. Realistically speaking since I love buying a couple pairs of shows every season I need to keep a budget. Steve Madden allows me to keep up with the latest trends while also staying in budget. Yes, I would love to buy $500 shoes every season but that just doesn’t sound realistic at this point in my life. This summer I opted to purchase the Steve Madden ‘Surfant’ Espadrille Wedge  and they have been my go to shoes ever since. The best part about these shoes are that they are not your average  pair of wedges. They are so elegant yet chic. The delicate lace-up makes it look so effortless.  I decided to pair them up with a wide variety of outfits, but this ripped jeans and black tank made this outfit look super casual but still turned heads when you walk into a bar. I decided to pair it with a jean coat just to give it a little extra something.

Shop the shoes at Steve Madden.

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