Flannel Benefits

Does the plaid shirt ever go out of style or season…I think not.


The plaid shirt is a great off-duty staple item that is always going to stay in the forefront of everyone’s closet- just like the white V-neck shirt, blue denim, and converse. And why is that you say—this look is super comfortable and convenient. People usually opt to wear it during the cooler months of the year, however; this staple item is easily transferable into the warmer months of the year.


In order to fully pull off this fall/winter item you need to keep word in mind “simplicity” (by that I mean do not over think the flannel, the flannel is merely a comfy piece of clothing that needs the least amount of requirements). If you ask me I like to wear them around my waist as I do in the winter time, so I just substitute in the jeans for shorts and a long sleeve tee for a plain white t-shirt and bam– that merely took me a good 5 minutes to put together. You can also make it a little more edgy by pairing it with a full black ensemble as I did for this photo shoot. There is no right or wrong way to wear a flannel it is your own personal opinion but just keep the word simple on top on your mind when you are trying to dress the flannel.


Flannel: ZARA

Black Romper: Express (similar)

Shoes: Circus by Sam Edelman (similar)


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