It’s not too short




Florals are such a classic Summer look but I was never really able to catch on. Any type of floral pattern made me look younger than what I actually was.  I like to stick to solid colors and make every outfit look simple and elegant. However I can literally wear this skirt every single day if I could. I can build out a week’s worth of OOTD’s with just this skirt and different shirts; that just shows how unique this skirt is and how many different ways it can be styled. I have on a white tie knot shirt from Zara and  Zara’s floral mini as well. I highly recommend getting your hands on some of the floral pieces Zara is currently featuring in its new summer collection. Even a girl like me who sticks to neutral colors decided to step out of her comfort zone and  buy a couple floral pieces. The hand knitted design gives the skirt a more grown-up feel rather than a school girl feel.



Mini: Zara

Tie-Knot Shirt : Zara

Purse: Rebecca Minkoff


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