matchy matchy


Since when did picking out an outfit get so simple. This summer (RIP Summer 16′) I took full advantage of matching ensembles. Why make it difficult for yourself when you could buy an outfit that comes with a matching top and bottom. You could easily save a good 20 minutes rummaging through your clothes and we all know 20 minutes NYC time is a lot of time.

Here’s a quick post of a matching tribal print jumpsuit that I wore this summer in NYC. The flowy feel made it super easy to bare the crazy heat that we had to endure the past couple weeks. A two-piece jumpsuit can easily be transformed into a fancy wedding outfit or a casual walk in central park outfit, by merely changing the shoes.



Two-Piece Jumpsuit: Ruby & Jenna (Similar)

2 thoughts on “matchy matchy

  1. Jumpsuits are love for me, I love wearing jumpsuits and I can say that Its a distinct lifestyle but I am loving it. Plus I don’t have to be worried about buying lots of dresses.


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