Pre-Fall Requirements: The Suede Coat

Neutral Canvas ZaraNeutral Canvas Zara Suede CoatNeutral Canvas Zara Suede CoatNeutral Canvas Zara Suede CoatNeutral Canvas Zara Suede Coat
Coat: Zara
I feel like this has been the shortest summer of my life! I am not yet ready to transition from summer clothes to fall clothes but it’s inevitable right? In cities like New York, the temperatures are already dropping into the 50’s at night and we can no longer get away with just wearing short sleeve shirts. It’s time to make room in our closets for some fall fashion.
Even though summer is my favorite season, shopping for fall fashion has got to be my favorite time of the year. I am excited to bring back one of my favorite styles of the fall: The Suede Coat. This mustard colored Zara suede coat is the perfect transitioning piece. It looks just as great with shorts as it does with jeans. The thin suede fabric allows the individual to use this coat not only in the fall but also during the spring months.

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